IASA-AMIA 2010 conference

IASA Institutional Visit, Thursday 4 November, 3.45pm - Booking now!

IASA Institutional Visit - George Blood Audio/Safe Sound Archive Thursday 4 November, 3.45-6.00 pm

Register for the tour at the registration desk (limit of 40 participants)

Depart Loews Hotel 3:45 (Valet Entrance on 12th street), return by 6PM

Tour Guides: George Blood & Staff


Safe Sound Archive/George Blood Audio/Video is a leading provider of preservation digitization of audio and video. Come see 2,000 lb video machines and 40 terabytes of RAID5 data storage; hear the difference between 96kHz/24bit and 44.1kHz/16 bit in a $100,000 listening room and see how 200 concurrent projects are managed; see tape storage that passively cures Sticky Shed Syndrome and meet the smiling elves that perform all this magic!