IASA-AMIA 2010 conference

Workshops and events

There are many great workshops at the AMIA-IASA 2010 conference which you can find on the programme pages of this website:
Cataloging and Metadata for Moving Images [Two Days], chaired by Karen Barcellona, Digital Preservation for Audiovisual Collections: OAIS and All That, chaired by Marius Snyders and Richard Wright. George Blood will chair a session entitled From Sound Waves to Sound Files and Preservation: Audio Digitization Basics for Paper Archivists. The critical issue of Low budget and Open-Source Software for Audio and Video will be run by Bruce Gordon and Alan Burdette, and the expertise of Nadja Wallaszkovits will be available in her workshop on Digital Audio Restoration.

As if that wasn’t enough, two new events have been added to registration:

Tuesday (11/2) 5:30pm - 8:00pm
Penn Museum After Hours Reception

Penn Museum Archive is hosting a reception for visiting AMIA and IASA members! Featured at the reception will be an exhibition of production stills from Matto Grosso (1931), one of the earliest sync sound documentary films. A museum sponsored expeditionary film which takes place in interior Brazil, Matto Grosso will also be screened continuously on monitors in one of the galleries. Matto Grosso was restored with a grant from NFPF in 2008.

Friday (11/5) 2:00pm – 3:00pm Workshop:
Targeting Practice: An Approach to Grant Research and Writing

This workshop will explore ways to fund moving image collections and projects. The first part reviews conventional funding sources, and the second employs brainstorming to discover unconventional ones. The third segment focuses on the fine art of targeting-matching each project to the best (and most likely) funding sources. Analysis of grant guidelines is critical to determine eligibility, but reading between the lines can help predict a project's likelihood of success. In the last 45 minutes, a small group writing exercise will show how to turn proposal instructions into a working outline, and then start assembling a first draft. This hands-on workshop is intended to demystify the grant-writing process. The aim is to build participants' confidence in their ability to approach an often-intimidating assignment-on their own if necessary, but ideally with archival colleagues and/or institutional development officers or consultants.